Programmable 5-axis CNC centers are intended for serial production orders. Efficient and accurate devices allow to maintain the accuracy required for the manufacturing of large quantities of  parts. Features the most adapted for the production of furniture legs (chairs, tables, upholstered and cabinet furniture legs), and production of small plated surfaces (chair seat unit).

Multi-CNC turning center – intended for extremely complex configuration of furniture leg production. Allows asymmetric turning operations. At the same time in the same detail can be performed other operations (milling, sawing, grinding).

Boards cutting CNC center – for cutting of larger quantities of boards. Cultivates both MDF and plywood panels.

Spillage line – used for the large quantities of detals. Ultra-fast, high quality and with minimal loss of material painting, varnishing works are carried out. It allows to avoid the negative consequences of manual work - the high-yield, uneven coating layer leaks.

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