Solid wood, glued wood processing:

  • Milling - very complex shapes are engraved on extremely high-precision 5-axis CNC milling machine.
  • Turning - not only in accordance with the model but also according to the drawings. We can maintain the high precision even at the high volume orders because of the use of CNC machine.
  • Copy - we scan sample detail. Scan data is processed by the software and an accurate drawing perfectly corresponding to the model is drawn.
  • Asymmetric turning - the new generation of devices allows CNC machines to grind and process the asymmetric products.
  • Drilling - we can professionally and very accurately perform the drilling operations in non-standard distances, depth and directions.

Board processing:

  • Board cutting - we cut panels according to the  dimensions and shapes provided by the customer. Mobile type CNC machines alows to achieve extremely high volume of orders.
  • Board sides laminating - we can seal cutaway boards edges  using the high-quality materials.
  • Veneering with hot type veneer presses - we use different varieties of wood veneer. Veneer is connected by thermo thread.
  • Milling of plates, drilling the holes. We mill boards according to your drawings and drill all necessary elements with the high precision for further work.

Furniture components finish:

  • Grinding - depending on the details of the complexity and size of your order we can grind wood products both automatic and manually.  
  • Painting, staining, varnishing – we paint wooden surfaces, stain and varnish if necessary. In case of the large orders work can be carried out in an automatic potting line.
  • Polishing - very careful polishing of the wood surface allows to achieve the required surface gloss.

The available equipment allows flexible respond to the wishes of the customer, so we can produce larger orders as well as single items of complex configuration. Regardless of the size of your order all the details will be made with the high accuracy and compliance with the original drawings or samples.

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